September 2021

The Begonia 'Illumination - Apricot Shades' have proved to be a great choice for our summer display this year with so many compliments from residents and visitors to our town - thank you!   No pressure then for when we change out to the winter plants at the end of October!Wink

27 June 2021    Regular watering gathers momentum during the summer months and thank you so much to all who support us - your positive comments make it all worthwhile.  A huge thank you to Amorae Bridal too for buying us coffee - it's very much appreciated!

28 May 2021   The winter planting has served us so well this year but all good things must come to an end and Matthews Plants of Roydon Hamlet made a great job of changing out our displays for summer.    This year we chose Begonia 'Illumination' in Apricot shades to cheer us through the warmer months.  Once again, plants and Matthews contractor planting generously sponsored by Ongar Town Council.  Now all we have to do is keep them cared for and watered for the rest of the season!  

We can always do with more help if you would like to become a member of  our small team to help with the watering during the summer and a bit of deadheading to keep the flowers looking good.   We meet up on Sunday mornings at 9.30 by our tap at the toilet block.  Just come along if you have half an hour or so to spare!   

 9 May 2021   Residents of Weighbridge Court generously donated for us to enrich the impoverished soil and plant 2 yellow climbing roses in the flower bed at the top .of their road.  Thank you too to June R and Mo of Weighbridge Court for making a donation to pay for a coffee break at our next watering session.