Summer Planting has served Ongar well, particularly through these worrying times of Covid 19.   We've seen extremes of temperatures this summer and it's been hard work keeping everything well watered.  Thank you for your messages of appreciation for what we do - makes it all the more worthwhile and strengthens our resolve to keep Ongar looking bright and colourful for residents and visitors alike.

In September 2020 we planted a lavender hedge along the front edge of the roadside flower bed at the top of Station Aproach.  Hopefully providing us with lots of flowers and fragrance early next summer for us and the bees!

No new trees planted by us this year except  for those that had been vandalised  which were kindly replaced by EFDC.  We are liaising with them to identify some possible new sites for trees next year under the 'adopt a tree scheme' mindful of accessability as every new tree has to be watered weekly for the first two years of its life.  If you can help with tree watering then please do email us at

Look out for our change to autumn/winter planting towards the end of October.  Our seasonal planting is maintained and watered by us but now funded by Ongar Town Council who are very keen to keep our town looking florally beautiful - thank you! 


Lavender hedge planted at Station Approach