The following letter was posted in June 2024 edition of Ongar News   

After many years, the team members of Ongar in Bloom ceased maintaining and watering all the planters around our town in September 2023

Recognising the value of our work, Ongar Town Council who had been funding the plants and planting for quite a few years anyway, then took over full responsibility for the floral displays.  This past autumn through to winter the planters have certainly looked their best ever.

Sadly, as we approach late spring, the lack of ongoing maintenance is plain to see.  I do hope that Ongar Town Council have some spring/summer planting in the pipeline and most importantly plans in place to ensure the plants are watered regularly throughout the summer season.

The planters provide vibrant colour and the look of a town 'well cared for' - it would be such a shame to lose them.

Jackee Bennett  June 2024

ex Chair Ongar in Bloom



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