What's On?

We urgently need more people to 'help lighten our load' with regular watering either at your own convenience on a regular basis or with the team on Sundays 09.30 for an hour or so when weather is dry. Also for a bit of weeding, deadheading and generally helping to keep Ongar looking tidy.  Please email if you can help -   ongarinbloom@gmail.com


 Ongar in Bloom are a group of volunteers working on permanent planting projects, floral displays and helping to make Ongar a greener community.

Let's make Ongar beautiful!


Adopt a Tree, Planter or Area

Adopt a Tree, Barrel or flower bed and be responsible for it's watering, weeding and general maintenance throughout the year. 

Please email ongarinbloom@gmail.com  if you would like to look adopt a barrel!


Weed & Tidy & Gardening Group 

Gardening is proven to be beneficial to both mind and body.    So why not join our small friendly group who meet regularly during the warmer months,  usually on Sunday mornings, to water plants around the the High Street, deadhead, weed, litter pick and generally helping to keep Ongar looking 'cared for'.

 Please email ongarinbloom@gmail.com if you would like to join us!



  Ongar in Bloom for a more beautiful town Email us